Important Dates

Important Dates for the 2011-2012 Season

Wednesday, Nov. 9

Winter Sports Parents Meeting—All parents need to attend this meeting. After Mr. Gagnebin talks with the parents of all winter sports participants, there will be a wrestling-specific meeting. If your parents cannot make it, please arrange to have them contact me to retrieve important information. Wrestlers do not need to attend, but they are welcome.

Time and Location: 6:00pm in the LHS Auditorium

Thursday, Nov. 10

Hydration Assessment, Alpha Weigh-in, Team Meeting—You should spend the day drinking plenty of water and visiting the restroom. It’s important that you flush your system all day long. Carry a water bottle around school with you. If you haven’t gone to the restroom to urinate at least 5 times during the day, you’re not hydrated. You cannot practice until you have passed this test! Once you pass the hydration assessment, you will step on the scale and submit your alpha weigh-in for the season. An important team meeting will occur after the hydration assessments / alpha weigh-ins.

Time and Location: 3:15pm in the LHS Wrestling Room

Monday, Nov. 14

First Day of Practice—Bring appropriate work-out clothes and wrestling shoes. Headgear is optional, but it is recommended to protect your ears. Be prepared to begin learning new techniques, reviewing old techniques, bonding as a team, and conditioning to get into wrestling shape. Before you can participate in practice, you must…

  • Be in good standing with your teachers
  • Have a physical, emergency contact sheet, concussion form, and drug / alcohol agreement on file in the office
  • Pass the Hydration Assessment
  • Complete an Alpha Weigh-In

Time and Location: 3:30pm in the LHS Wrestling Room


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