2017 Ironman Award

What is the “Ironman Award”? The Ironman Award is an honor you can earn by participating in off-season wrestling. Winners of this award will receive a t-shirt with the names of all Ironman Award winners printed on the back. Each succeeding year, more names will be added to the shirt.

How can I win the Ironman Award? Each event has been given a certain number of points. Attendance and participation must be documented through Track Wrestling, coaches, or other means. In order to win the Ironman Award, a wrestler must earn 100 points. Points must be verified and submitted to Coach Bovaird prior to August 1, 2017.

2016 Ironman Award Winners: Brandon Doles, Hunter Bindi, Kyle Allen, Garrett Caldwell, Ryan Adams (2016 winner)

Point Values:

  • LHS Team Camp, 25 points
  • University Level Camps, 20-30 points (based on difficulty and duration)
  • Outdoor Challenge Camp, 35 points
  • Open Mat workouts, 5 points each
  • Sunflower State Games, 15 points per style
  • Summer Takedown Leagues, 10 points per competition
  • Freestyle / Greco-Roman, 5 points per practice, 15 points per tournament
  • DC Gold Summer Clinics, 7 points per practice

Local Summer Camps — MAY:

Local Summer Camps — JUNE:

Local Summer Camps — JULY:

Summer Wrestling Leagues:


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