Team Captains

2016-17 Captains

Mason Koechner, sr.
Ben Hupp, sr.
Ryan Adams, jr.

2015-16 Captains

Dillin Roberts, sr.
Anders Vance, sr.
Mason Koechner, jr.

2014-15 Captains

Zach Knox, sr.
Brenton Wrigley, sr.
Anders Vance, jr.

2016-17 Wrestlers Council

Austin Raetzel, sr.
Dylan Meyer, sr.
Garrett Caldwell, jr.
Austin Moore, so.
Anthony Davis, fr.

2015-16 Wrestlers Council

Bradley Trageser, sr.
Ben Hupp, jr.
Ryan Adams, so.
Kyle Allen, so.
Austin Moore, fr.

2014-15 Wrestlers Council

Dillin Roberts, jr.
Bradley Trageser, jr.
David Bindi, so.
Mason Koechner, so.
Ryan Adams, fr.
Kyle Allen, fr.
Will Ridley, fr.

The Wrestlers’ Council is voted on by the team, and will consist of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and the team captains. The purpose of the council is to establish a solid line of communication between the team and the coaching staff, as well as give the team a voice when decisions are made. The council will meet with the coaching staff twice a month during Seminar to discuss team operation, problem areas, etc. The council will also help make decisions for the team, including anything from choosing what singlet we wear to disciplinary actions for a teammate who has broken team rules. These wrestlers will be the voice for the team. It also creates an opportunity for a wrestler to bring an issue to a member of the council if he is not comfortable going straight to a coach.


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