Wildcat Wrestling wraps up summer on the mats!

After two months of getting in some quality off-season mat time, the Wildcat Wrestlers have wrapped up for the summer. This summer, we saw lots of wrestlers dedicating themselves to getting back to work after a successful 2016-17 season. Here are some of the highlights from this off-season:

IRONMAN AWARD(Note: wrestlers who racked up at least 100 points have earned the “Ironman Award”)
1. Kyle Allen — 195
2. Kaden Allen — 184
3. Cade Holtzen — 166
4. Garrett Caldwell — 116
5. Aiden Barker — 115
6. Bo Ballard, Brandon Doles — 105
7. Ryan Adams — 104
8. Collin Hamilton, Nathan Hamilton — 100
9. Sam Kratochvil, Brayden Yoder — 61
10. Xander Auth — 60
11. Jay McCaskill — 55
12. Jarrett Hoyle — 45
13. Tucker Batten, Jonas Briley, Thad Hendrix, Alec Maler, Bronc Noll, Traden Noll — 40
14. Blue Caplinger, Ben Wiedenmann — 30
15. Tyler Bussard — 29
16. Austin Moore — 20
17. Ashton Moore — 10

1st place: Owen Ebenstein, 8U; Kaden Allen, 10U; Jay McCaskill, 12U; Kyle Allen, HS
2nd place: Brandon Doles, 14U; Cade Holtzen, HS
3rd place: Brayden Yoder, 10U; Aiden Barker, 14U; Ryan Adams, HS
4th place: Bo Ballard, 8U; Camren Ebenstein, 8U

1st place: Kaden Allen, 10U; Sam Kratochvil, 14U; Ryan Adams, HS; Garrett Caldwell, HS; Bobby Bovaird, 19-29
2nd place: Bronc Noll, 10U; Brayden Yoder, 10U; Aiden Barker, 14U; Brandon Doles, 14U; Brandon Ott, 19-29; Scott Ballard, 30-39; Adam Noll, 40-49
3rd place: Owen Ebenstein, 8U; Traden Noll, 12U; Cade Holtzen, HS; Chris Turner, 19-29; Shea Cox, 19-29
4th place: Braddock Tharp, 8U; Xander Auth, 8U; Bo Ballard, 8U; Camren Ebenstein, 8U; Kyle Allen, HS; Shawn Crossley, 19-29; James Auth, 30-39; Jay McCaskill, 12

PENN STATE “WEEK IN THE DEN” CAMP @ BAKER U: Kyle Allen, Brandon Doles, Aiden Barker, Kaden Allen, and Bo Ballard

MARK ELLIS CLINIC @ LHSKyle Allen, Kaden Allen, Cade Holtzen, Garrett Caldwell, Bo Ballard, Ryan Adams, Aiden Barker, Collin Hamilton, Nathan Hamilton, Xander Auth, Jarrett Hoyle, Tucker Batten, Jonas Briley, Thad Hendrix, Alec Maler, Austin Moore

BVSW / IOWA CAMPCade Holtzen




A HUGE thanks goes out to all the Louisburg High School and Wildcat Wrestling Club coaches who helped out this summer: Brandon Ott, Andy Wright, Shawn Crossley, Jon Clayton, James Auth, Janson Lanier, Sam Campbell, Bradley Trageser, Adam Noll, and Trevor Finch.

I’m so proud of all the extra summer work that the Louisburg wrestlers have been putting in. The future for the Wildcat wrestling program is definitely looking bright, thanks to the hard work of the Louisburg wrestlers. Thank you for all your efforts! Parents and coaches, thanks to you also for all your support!


Open Mats Begin Soon!

Summer Wrestling Ad

Starting Monday, June 9, and going through Wednesday, July 16, the wrestling room will be opened up for any experienced wrestlers who are interested in getting in some good mat time and one-on-one instruction. These open mat sessions will go from 9:30-11:00am every Monday and Wednesday.

During the week of our Team Camp (June 23-27) and the week that the high school team will be traveling to the Outdoor Challenge Camp in Nebraska (July 6-11), there will be no open mats.

For the younger / smaller wrestlers, you may want to arrange with a friend who’s about your size to come to open mats. The older kids typically match up pretty well within 20 pounds of each other.

These are opportunities for the driven wrestler who wants to get extra mat time drilling, conditioning, and wrestling live. Some instruction will be presented, but these techniques will typically be more advanced. If you’re a wrestler who’s interested, that’s great. I’ve yet to turn anyone away from these workouts.

Summer Wrestlers, Winter Champions

It’s an old cliche, I know, but if you’ve been around the sport long enough, you know this to be true. Look at the tops of the medal stands each season — especially the end of February. You’ll find that the champions have also put in the time during the spring and summer months to get better. Here are some summer wrestling options:

June 11-14 – Baker University Wrestling Camp (Camp Flyer: click here)

Resident (includes room and meals) $295
Commuter (with meals) $195
Commuter (no meals) $150

July 15-18 – Wildcat Wrestling Team Camp (Camp Flyer: click here)

All high school wrestlers are expected to be here for Team Camp! Notify Coach Bovaird with any schedule conflicts.

Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00am – Open Mats

Right after football weights, come on up to the wrestling room for some open-mat workouts. This will be weekly, from June 12 to July 31. If there’s enough demand, we will also open up the room one night a week.

July 27 – Sunflower State Games

Hosted by Seaman High School in Topeka. Register at http://www.sunflowergames.com/wrestling, $30 registration fee. If we have 15 Louisburg Wrestlers signed up, Coach Bovaird will also compete in the games (he’ll wear a singlet if we have 20 wrestlers).

You don’t get better by sitting around watching the world go by. Make a commitment this summer to do your part to bring LHS Wrestling back to the top!